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Manage Your Business Processes Intelligently

Planor allows you to manage your business more efficiently. You can find all business tools on one platform. Increase your company's success with Planor.


What you can do with Planor?

Comprehensive Business Management

Easily manage your projects, processes and teams. Increase efficiency by optimizing your workflow. Keep every step under control by tracking your work.

Efficient Economic Management

Easily perform income-expense tracking and economic management. Keep a close eye on your business' finances with financial reports and analysis.

Effective Team Management

Create your teams, assign tasks and collaborate. Streamline communication between your team members, share tasks and track project progress.

Customer and Lead Management

Manage your customer relations, follow up potential customers. Store customer data in a central location and respond quickly to requests and feedback.

Data Analytics

Optimize your business processes with detailed data analysis. Identify trends, make strategic decisions and gain competitive advantage by monitoring data.

Secure Data Storage

Store and manage your sensitive data securely. Data security is ensured at the highest level, offering strong protections to prevent unauthorized access.